The eight statements below reflect the heart and the culture of Nations Church. We feel they encapsulate who we already are and who we continually aspire to be.


We are about faith.

We believe in the power of prayer and seek after the miraculous in our lives.


We are about encountering Jesus.

We love God’s presence; we value the work of the Holy Spirit and desire genuine encounters with Jesus.


We are about wholeness.

We are committed to pursuing personal growth, wholeness and seeing Christ transform us from the inside out.


We are about authenticity.

We believe in being real. We know we are all imperfect people in need of our perfect saviour, Jesus.


We are about others.

We connect with people of every age, race, culture and background. Jesus loves you and so do we.


We are about serving Jesus and His Church.

We lead and serve selflessly, give generously and desire excellence.


We are about reaching those far from God.

We desire to see more people come into a personal relationship with Jesus.


We are about the generations.

We have the future in mind. We are building something now that future generations will inherit.